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Welcome to the new AmiWORP portal !!!

We are thrilled to present you our new portal, the evolution of AmiWORLD Online that has achieved so much success. This new version is completely renewed in every part, with new headings, sectors and sections that broaden the horizon of the contents we offer. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that our portal is now bilingual, available in Italian and English, and we are working to implement additional languages in the future.

We are committed to making the most of the new technologies available, which were not present in the previous version in pure HTML. Thanks to these new technologies, our site has become more complete and complex, allowing us to deal with topics that were not addressed directly before. In addition, we have introduced services dedicated to registered users and will also offer exclusive content for subscribers.

AmiWORP will mainly focus on the Amiga and everything that revolves around this beloved system, but we will also cover the world of retro games and niche operating systems and the like. It will be a real concentration of exciting and engaging content.

We cannot yet reveal all the details of our ongoing projects, but we can assure you that we are preparing to become a point of reference in the sector. Our goal is to be as great as the Amiga has been in the past and will certainly continue to be in the near future. All present events and developments make us believe in this.

AmiWORP is a niche portal aimed at the whole world. We are determined to offer an engaging experience for all Amiga enthusiasts and for all those who share a passion for retro gaming and legendary operating systems.

We invite you to explore our new portal and, when possible, hopefully soon, to register to access the exclusive services that AmiWORP will offer. Follow us carefully because we will gradually reveal our future projects and you will not be able to miss every single announcement. We can’t wait to share this adventure with you and offer you a unique experience in the world of AmiWORP.

Happy surfing!!!

The AmiWORP team


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