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Privacy Policy

1. (henceforth simply AmiWORP) and its management pay utmost attention to the privacy of its users. This information describes the ways in which AmiWORP can collect and use the user’s personal information and informs him about his rights in relation to the same. This Privacy Policy applies to all users of AmiWORP, whether they are simple visitors, whether they are registered users, whether they are Premium users and in any case to all the services included and present on the AmiWORP portal as well as to the WebApp itself. This Privacy Policy does not replace current applicable privacy laws or other state laws. AmiWORP complies with all applicable privacy laws and informs the user of his rights. The user is required to read this information and must ensure that they fully understand and accept our practices in relation to Personal Information, before accessing and using any of the AmiWORP services. In addition, the user, after having fully read and therefore fully understood this Privacy Policy, if he decides to oppose for any reason the management of AmiWORP’s privacy practices and services, he must immediately abandon viewing of the portal itself and immediately cease all further use of the AmiWORP services. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact ________________________________________. To all intents and purposes, by accessing and using the AmiWORP services and accepting the privacy rules as well as the copyright rules, the cookie rules and the TOS, the user automatically acknowledges that he has read and fully read this Information Privacy Policy and all other rules of AmiWORP voluntarily without exception, completely under its express will and responsibility. The user can eliminate the consents and authorizations given to AmiWORP at any time he wishes by giving an express will and writing an email to _________________________________________. AmiWORP will eliminate all memorized data of the user in question but once this is done, the same user must immediately leave the portal and stop using it. ​It should be noted that any definitive cancellation of the AmiWORP account also involves the cancellation of all personal information contained therein and concerning it from all AmiWORP databases and from all AmiWORP storage spaces. After completing this procedure it will no longer be possible to use the AmiWORP services and the user account in question and all related data included will be permanently removed and AmiWORP will no longer be able to restore or recover them. In the future, the user will no longer be recognized in any way and any support representatives will no longer be able to identify the deleted account.

2. In order to be able to provide some of our services, in some circumstances, the AmiWORP portal may collect some personal information relating to the user himself, to his person and to his activity. Therefore AmiWORP will collect the Personal Information that you provide based on and with the help and use of our services. The types of Personal Information that the AmiWORP portal may collect are the following: e-mail address, nick name, Personal Information relating to payment details (only for registered and Premium users), Personal Information entered by the user himself in communications with us via chat, via email, via REGISTRATION FORM, via survey, via support and via preferences (the AmiWORP user has the right to actively participate on our portal by giving preferences relating to various topics simply by VISITING or SELECTING his favorite topics). When the user visits, downloads or uses one of the AmiWORP services, the management of AmiWORP may want and be able to collect, as needed, Personal Information aggregated to the navigation of visitors and users themselves such as non-identifying Personal Information concerning the device used with which you use the AmiWORP services, the operating system installed, the internet browser used, the language settings chosen, the pages visited, the services used, the preferred topics both generic and individual, the preferences on hardware and software, any purchases made and the like.
This Personal Information consists of data coming from the user himself during his visit or from the use of the services of the portal itself and in any case they are always and only data collected on the basis of his autonomous will. If the user or visitor uses our services after having personally accepted the use of cookies, the privacy rules, the copyright rules and the TOS, AmiWORP could collect the data described above. If the user does not accept even one of the rules on the use of cookies, the privacy rules, the copyright rules and the TOS, AmiWORP will not collect any data because the user, given his denial, does not have the right to use the AmiWORP portal and all its included services and must absolutely and immediately leave the portal itself.
AmiWORP uses the Personal Information of the user or visitor for the following purposes: to provide and manage the services within the portal itself; develop, customize, expand and further improve the services offered, based on the preferences, experiences and common or personal difficulties of the users themselves; provide users with assistance and technical support in case of need; contact users in case of generic or personalized service communications and possibly for promotional messages; help update, expand and analyze AmiWORP records where they exist in order to identify new users; facilitate, sponsor and offer any contests, events and promotions and determine the eligibility of participants, monitor their performance, contact any winners and award them prizes and benefits of various kinds; generate aggregate statistical data and other aggregated and/or deduced Personal Information, which can be used by AmiWORP in order to provide and improve its own services; provide you with professional assistance only upon your specific request; strengthen AmiWORP’s capabilities in data protection and in the prevention of fraud and data theft attempts; comply with all applicable laws and regulations; to produce everything necessary to fulfill a legal obligation or a legal obligation to which AmiWORP is subject; in case of necessity for the pursuit of legitimate interests and purposes directly related to AmiWORP such as for example to maintain and improve its services; to maintain and improve the effectiveness with which AmiWORP identifies problems of a technical nature while always respecting the user’s privacy rights. It should also be remembered that AmiWORP is absolutely neither directly nor indirectly responsible for any data theft as AmiWORP will and does everything possible and necessary to protect user data in the best possible way by adopting measures and counter measures in case of attacks hackers or similar and whose ultimate goal is to steal user data. AmiWORP will adopt antivirus systems and data protection techniques in order to reduce as much as possible the possibility of user data theft. AmiWORP will never be responsible for any theft because 100% total security does not exist in the world of information technology. Every day data security systems costing millions of dollars are continuously violated and therefore AmiWORP, which is purely an amateur site, cannot in any way reach the million-dollar security levels and consequently cannot guarantee 100% that it will not happen and will not happen never a data theft. AmiWORP will do, in its small way, the maximum to avoid as much as possible the occurrence or occurrence of eventualities or situations of this kind.

3. AmiWORP allows content sharing via the Share button to different social media. This feature belongs to the social media themselves which can in turn collect aggregate Personal Information such as the user’s IP address or the page you are visiting on our portal and can set a cookie to capture aggregated data. Social media features are third-party features that have nothing to do with the work of AmiWORP and its services. Your interactions with these third-party social media features are governed by their respective policies and not by AmiWORP’s. In this sense, AmiWORP, in addition to putting or not putting the share button on its pages, has no responsibility and cannot in any way interact or control this function. The user who does not want to share the contents of AmiWORP in the various social networks to which he is registered must simply ignore the share button and continue with his personal experience. In case he wants to share content, just use the share function remembering that that function is not managed by AmiWORP but simply hosted by it. For complaints about this function, users should contact the support of the social network in question directly.
The Personal Information of all users can be stored in specific data centres, within the AmiWORP portal in specific databases and in any case within the web space dedicated to AmiWORP on our host. The exact location of the users’ data saved by AmiWORP is secret, just to try to maintain maximum confidentiality and conservation of the same, all up to their eventual complete elimination if it happens and when it happens.

4. AmiWORP uses cookies and other similar technologies to be able to provide its services and ensure the correct functioning of the portal itself, especially to be able to analyze its performance and its activities aimed at any service offered and above all and mainly to personalize the experience of the user and meet his personal needs. For more information about the use and management of cookies, the user must consult the AmiWORP cookie rules. ​Note that in this regard, most browsers still allow you to control local cookies as well as decide whether to accept them or not and whether to delete them. Almost all browsers allow you to set your navigation in such a way as to be notified if you receive a cookie and therefore to keep, block or delete it.
These technologies are generally and primarily used for stability, security, functionality, performance, and advertising purposes.

5. AmiWORP may use your Personal Information to send you promotional content or messages via email or mailing list, notifications on the AmiWORP portal and/or notifications on the AmiWORP WebApp. If you do not wish to receive promotional messages, you always It is possible to notify the management of AmiWORP at any time to express a second thought or a cancellation or a modification to the choices made previously and it is always possible to do so directly and personally by simply following the instructions for unsubscribing or terminating the service indicated in the content of the message itself and in every communication received. It should be noted that AmiWORP can always contact the user with messages and service content or relating to important provisions. In this case, the user cannot opt not to receive such messages. AmiWORP could, for example, contact the user in case of important information concerning the services offered or their use. AmiWORP may also send the user a communication regarding a certain service temporarily suspended for maintenance or respond to requests for assistance via e-mail. AmiWORP may also send reminders or alerts regarding upcoming changes to the portal or late payments for any current or future subscriptions. AmiWORP can also denounce abuses concerning the portal itself and its services or even communicate changes to all its rules and all its services.
The user always has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority at any time, however the user is always invited to contact us in advance to try an optimal resolution for both parties.

6. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the collection, use or disclosure of personal information, or if you believe that AmiWORP has failed to comply with this Privacy Policy or applicable data protection laws, AmiWORP asks the user to contact the management at the email address __________________________________________.
We may keep your Personal Information as long as your user account is active, as indicated in this Privacy Policy or as otherwise necessary for the provision of our services, and in any case until the user expressly requests their cancellation or modification, even if only partial, or does not request the deletion of your account in full with all the data contained therein.
However, we may continue to retain personal information even after your account is deactivated or you have been canceled and/or you have ceased to use any services, only to the extent reasonably necessary to comply with legal and statutory obligations, to resolve disputes concerning our users or our services, prevent fraud or abuse, perform any contracts entered into and otherwise protect our legitimate interests or the interests of the user.

7. AmiWORP has implemented security measures designed to protect the Personal Information you share with us, including physical, electronic, and procedural measures. In particular, we guarantee secure HTTPS access to most areas of the AmiWORP portal services. The transmission of sensitive payment information using our payment form forms is secured by an industry standard SSL/TLS encrypted connection. Furthermore, we periodically monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks and constantly look for new methods and services, including from third parties, to further enhance the security of our services and the protection of the privacy of visitors and users.
However, because some areas of our services are less secure than others for technological reasons beyond our control, either directly or indirectly, and because email and instant messaging are not recognized as secure forms of communication, we encourage you to refrain from sharing personal information in any of these areas or through any of these methods.
For any other question or request for clarification, the user can contact the management of AmiWORP by writing an email to __________________________________________.

8. AmiWORP within its contents may contain links and references to services of other sites. The management of AmiWORP is not responsible for the privacy practices implemented by these sites and services. Therefore, the user is invited to pay the utmost attention when leaving the AmiWORP services and to read the privacy policies of each site and service visited before providing their personal information. This Privacy Policy does not apply to such third-party sites and services accessible via links, but only and exclusively to AmiWORP and its contents and services.

9. We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy and all of its parts in accordance with applicable laws and in order to incorporate changes made to our practices for collecting, using and storing personal information. If we make a change that we believe is of significant importance to you, we will notify you immediately via AmiWORP’s communication channels and always before the change takes effect. With regard to each update of the Privacy Policy, we will inform the user, in accordance with the provisions of current law, requesting his specific consent each time. You should periodically check this page for updated information on our privacy practices. The current AmiWORP Privacy Policy applies to all information in our possession relating to the user with respect to the portal and the relative WebApp, including all the services attached and connected to both.

10. For any question regarding this Privacy Policy or if you wish to exercise one of the rights that the user can enjoy according to the current regulations in force, AmiWORP asks the user, as far as possible, to always contact in the first place the management of AmiWORP. The management will undertake and work to resolve any complaints regarding the use of personal information pursuant to this Privacy Policy in the shortest possible time.

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